Fabric testing

Open Colleges – SP6 – module2 – progress 3

Fabric testing

  • Research the following fabric tests (Martindale and Stoll).
  • Write one paragraph to explain how each test is carried out
  • Reference your research according to the Student Handbook.

The Martindale and Stoll methods are both tests which assess the performance of fabrics in relation to abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistance is the ability of a fabric to withstand surface wear due to rubbing.

The test method used for measuring abrasion resistance for non-pile, woven and knitted upholstery fabrics is the Martindale test. In Martindale abrasion resistance tester (Fig.1), circular specimens are abraded under known pressure against a standard fabric. Abrasion resistance is measured by subjecting the specimen to rubbing motion in the form of a geometric figure.

The test method for assessing appearance change of pile fabrics such as velvet, velveteen, corduroy, knitted velour, knitted pile and flock fabrics is the Stoll test. The Stoll Test (Fig.2) involves the erratic movement of a small pad over the fabric surface mounted on a frame, this is also done under pressure to simulate the wear of normal use.

The results of these tests allow the fabrics to be classified between different categories established by the commercial textile association of Australia and New Zealand performance guidelines.









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